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Objective of reporting standards and its contents

Background: Lot of students from a commerce background faces a challenge in WHY and HOW to read an accounting standard or reporting standard under IFRS, IND AS or under any other GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles). Accounting standard or reporting standard is not a novel or a story which creates interest without relevance. One needs...

Classification of Property as Investment Property

Background: Entity is engaged in the business of development of a special economic zone and industrial park. For development of SEZ, the Entity has purchased, and Government has awarded large parcels of land to the entity. The Company shall develop the land and shall create infrastructure on such land before selling/ leasing the plots to...

Reporting for Initial Public Offerings (IPO) – Restatement adjustments

In the previous blog of the series on IPO reporting, we evaluated about the accounting framework applicable for the IPO. Accordingly, issuer company shall prepare restated consolidated financial information to be presented in the offer document based on reporting framework in which they have prepared their latest financial statements before filing offer document. Even if...

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Copyright © 2023. All rights reserved Design & Developed By : Bright Pixel

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