Diploma in IFRS - Online Training

  • 108 hours training for Ind AS / Diploma in IFRS course.
  • Various packages are available as per convenience.
  • Videos are provided on USB drive, thus no internet is required for viewing the lectures (except for activation). Windows operating system is required for viewing the lectures.

In last 5 years, FinPro has trained more than 2000 professionals on IFRS / Ind AS topics with 75% success rate in last ACCA Diploma in IFRS examination

Our other IFRS/ Ind AS training solutions

  • Customised interactive classroom Ind AS / IFRS training programs for corporates and CA firms (2 to 10 days)
  • Face-to-face Weekend Diploma in IFRS training program (10 days – interactive classroom training program at Pune)

Benefits of Online Training

Time comfort convenience & flexibility Multiple views per standard
Avoid commuting Access to trainer on phone/email
Ease for watching sessions anytime/ anywhere   


    Full course
    Total lectures: 108 hours

    INR 18,000 + GST

    Topics covered:
    Revenue (IFRS 15), Leases (IFRS 16) Share based payments, Income taxes, Fair value measurements, Financial instruments, Consolidation, Business combination, First time adoption of IFRS
    Total lectures: 62 hours

    INR 13,000 + GST

    Topics covered:
    Revenue (IFRS 15), Financial instruments, Fair value measurements, Consolidation, Business combination
    Total lectures: 46 hours

    INR 10,000 + GST

Online Training Brochure